Blogging tip: Write Every Day, Publicly

Seth Godin encourages everyone to write every day, publicly (i.e. blog):

Do it every day. Every single day. Not a diary, not fiction, but analysis. Clear, crisp, honest writing about what you see in the world. Or want to see. Or teach (in writing). Tell us how to do something.

Here’s my extra tip. Read one paper in the morning, all your Tweets and RSS feeds, and elaborate on an idea or story, you found interesting. Give your post context and link to the source of inspiration.

Don’t have a blog yet?

It seriously takes about a minute to set up a blog on WordPress. You can also sign up to Bluehost for 1-click WordPress installation.

The longer you wait, the more likely it’s never going to happen. Search for any domain name below to get started.



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