Over-Sharing, the New Mass Marketing?

Frictionless sharing is the new mass marketing. We’re sharing all our actions across social networks in Facebook’s real-time ticker.

It may not be the TV commercial or radio ad, traditional mass marketing, but frictionless sharing feels just as invasive and annoying because it’s in our faces and happening all the time.

You can’t log in to Facebook without seeing one friend reading the Washington Post social reader app, one friend listening to a tune in Spotify, and one friend pinning on Pinterest. I’m super guilty of all three.

All the sharing screams at you to participate by either clicking on a post in the feed or getting in on the action and sharing the crap out of your own stuff. Frictionless sharing is great when you’re not on Facebook.

Yesterday Quora announced its foray into Facebook’s Timeline. Every vote or new response on Quora shows up in your feed. I won’t do Quora to my Facebook friends.

First of all, Quora is an educational social network in which people engage on true interests, some of them super nerdy and super niche. My friends won’t care and nor will I want to share my Quora engagement with them.

Images, music, and movies are all ok in my book to share automatically on Facebook. They are entertainment consumption. Quora is educational entertainment for the curious but its content is just different.

We really need to reexamine the incessant need to plug all our web actions into the social hub that is Facebook. Frictionless sharing is social media’s version of mass marketing.

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