Tweeting for the nation

Sweden is taking an interesting approach to Twitter, passing it to its citizens to handle. 

Swedish tweeters own the handle @Sweden for a week each, tweeting about the realities and observations of every day life in Sweden.

It’s a risky move by the national government but it does put the microphone in the everyday citizen’s hands, to simply tell it like it is.  The best advice for handlers of the account is play by the rules and to be themselves.  

“I wanted to show that I’m often kind of immature and often kind of stupid and so is this country, and I bet you are, too, and so are a lot of people around the world.” (link)

What’s not clear is how open other nations would be to this model.  For one, @unitedstates is strictly a conservative account.  But it it were a US government account and followed the Sweden model, Americans would be in store for some educational moments about its own people.

It’s easy to forget your neighbor, young or old, black,white, hispanic, or jewish.  As I tumbled yesterday, “I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen.”

America needs a reminder about its unique diversity of people, ideas, and socioeconomic conditions. 

@Country is a groundbreaking idea that could speak for any nation as it should, through the eyes of the people.

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