Day One, The Private Path

Facebook, Path, Twitter – all these social networks want to root a diary out of us to reveal our daily images, check-ins, observations, and opinions.  

But there are some things you just don’t share.  These go in your personal diary. 

Before Day One, journaling online was a rough experience.  You might send yourself an email on the go and copy-paste it into a Word doc as soon as you found a computer.  Burden.  

Yesterday, I downloaded the latest edition of the Day One app across iPhone, iPad, and Mac.  It was already beautifully designed and enjoyable to write in.  Now it’s that much more brilliant. 

The first thing upon my first entry was upload a photograph I took that day.  I also synched in the weather and my location, 83 degrees in Rockefeller Plaza.  The closest you’ll get to seeing that picture, normally tweeted out via Instagram, is if you break into my Day One app.  I dare you. (Ok, here’s the pic #nofilter).

Upon making the journal entry it dawned on me how enjoyable private sharing is.  The world doesn’t need to see everything I capture, only me and maybe my wife and future kids. 

Day One can be used as public diary with all the key sharing features built right into the app.  

Day One found a hole in the mobile diary market and filled it fashionably and with utility, like Moleskine did for print diaries.  The writing experience is extraordinary and the memories last forever.  



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