Blind Eye

It doesn’t matter how big or small the cage, if you close the door the dog still wants to roam free.

Barking, crying, and scratching persists for as long as you stay near.  The dog will go on until it hears complete silence, acknowledging that no one is there to help. 

Many of us turn a deaf ear to many of the global events going on around us.  You may be aware that there’s a civil war going on in Syria?  Or that half of India just lost power for days. By the way, you can invest in Africa now.  Are we simply too far on the big island of America to care?  

We can’t help out everyone but we can show acknowledgement and concern by listening to the people are living in it.     

Here a starter:  Follow @SyrianDeveloper on Twitter for behind the scenes real-time Instagram photos.  

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