On Pragmatism

Pragmatism says that whatever works for you, do it. This can pertain to anything from religion to the way you shoot free throws, as Louis Menand alludes to in his book The Metaphysical Club.

What people often overlook is that pragmatists also believe in evolution. They believe in betterment, receptive to changing their ways to improve the way of life.

Pragmatism, however, is not an excuse to cheat in order to progress although it seems practical if you can get away with it.

Pragmatism still requires the practice of fairness and adheres to the fundamentals laws of society, mostly because these laws simply work. Rules maintain the peace.

Pursuing what works is a simple philosophy that prevents stagnancy. Open-mindedness is ultimate case for self-worth. Learning, loving, having faith, and finding better ways keeps life exciting. In short, pragmatism requires positive, perpetual movement.

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