Trusting Brands For Quality

Brands always outsell generics, even though the product and impact is the same.

Part of the reason is ignorance: not everyone knows alternatives exist. The main reason though is marketing.

People consume stories. They trust products that get more impressions; otherwise why buy something more expensive.

I’m not just talking about pills. The following rings true:

  • Soda = Coke
  • Shoes = Nike
  • Photo = Instagram
  • Video = YouTube

In each case there are even viable brand alternatives, such as Pepsi, Adidas, Flickr, and Vimeo respectively.

Of course, people also buy brands to signal the things they want to represent, as the case with fashion.

People ultimately buy brands because of the emotional impact. The tag may reassure trust, comfort, or sexiness. The only way to get people using generic is to require a taste test before they buy or enforce economic constraints.

Quality doesn’t always cost more. After all, if it gets the same job done why care what it says on the outside?

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