Trophy Duality

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The trophy, a means for celebrating an individual or team event; usually associated with sports. But there are also trophy wives and even trophy dogs.

There are two ways to look at trophies. One way is to use them as a reminder of past success. Doctors, dentists, and lawyers showcase their degrees and awards to clients to prove credibility and generate trust. It works.

The other reason to display trophies is to remind us of the work still to be done. Success is hard to repeat. After we graduate from school, the awards tend to end; people instead reward us with pay and loyalty.

A trophy might as well be a sticky note of things to accomplish, thrown away as goals come to fruition. The trash gets empty as soon as we decide to just “mail it in.”

Productivity is a habit. Do whatever it takes to keep shipping: use trophies for nostalgia to inspire future endeavors or as a carrot of things to accomplish.

The trophies atrophy as soon as we start to clean them off.

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