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My rule of thumb for the Internet is to try to produce as much as I consume.

It’s easy to get lost in just scanning the feeds (Facebook, puttingTwitter, RSS). The same goes for lazy engaging with those feeds in the form of likes, retweets, and comments, etc. More sharing is less doing.

Curation is at least more proactive. By collecting the stuff you like you’re at least showing interest in what’s good.

But you should never fear to put that pen to paper to get started. That blank slate is your entry into expressing your own originality or recreating and mashing up your own versions of stuff you like; that’s where being a collector helps.

In addition to writing or drawing, photography and film are also great ways to express what your’s. You’ve got a camera in your pocket so there’s no excuse but to capture what captivates you so you can call it your own.

Owning the content is much more enriching than curating and liking other people’s content. Instead of “I found this” aim for “I made this.” Get credit for your output.

Your creative goal isn’t necessarily fame; your goal is self-expression and curiosity. Fame just happens, if you’re good enough.

Your creations also might not work. They’ll probably go unnoticed. But that just means to keep going, keep shipping your art.

Consume for the ideas. Curate to organize ideas you’d like to emulate. And then get your hands dirty and build your own interpretation. Everybody sees the world differently. Try to express, more than you impress.

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