Bridging the offline/online persona

What you see is what you get. I try to act offline as I do online: showing an interest in the world, creativity, and technology. The online/offline worlds should mirror each other.

Of course, it’s difficult to live up to ideal expectations. Some of us (like myself) are not as expressive in the real world as they should be.

So what’s the resistance?

The resistance is the inability and/or disbelief that anything said will actually create change. It takes a long time to get people to understand your vision even of you’re being 100% clear.

I believe we can all get better by not doing the same things, or continually tweaking something we’ve mastered. Constant change creates happiness, no matter how small.

The reality is that most things we post online are soft dreams and expressions, shortcuts. The point of setting expectations is to live up to them.

If we don’t hold ourselves accountable to goals, no one will. At the least, it’s better to evolve through failure than sit back and passively hide behind a screen.

Proceed as you are and wish to be in both physical and digital worlds.

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