Screen Predictability

There’s apparently a 95% chance you’ll look at the screen in the elevator.

It’s not your fault, we’ve all grown up with ubiquitous screens. Our eyes feed on all types of screens: computer screens, mobile screens, movie screens, TV screens, and virtual Times Square billboards. Any digital movement is sugar for the eyes.

Whether it’s looking at the elevator screen or your handheld, the screen also removes the discomfort of standing with strangers. The screen becomes a temporary friend.

The only screen we do ignore is the security screen. We obey and look the other way. Why can’t we do the same with other screens?

All screens fight for our attention. Giving in to them depletes the patience and boredom we require to observe and think. People have developed the attention span of fish. We have to remember that real life exists outside the bowl. The screen is just a facade.

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