“I’m not creative unless it sells….”

Some people create stuff with consumption in mind. If you’re goal is to generate instant sales then it may behoove you to create what people want right now.

But if you want to raise eyebrows and stand out from everyone else, you’ll have to ship something remarkable that no one’s seen before.

Innovation can be a lonely process. You may not even grasp the magnitude of what you’re working on. But you ultimately need to test it on others, to market and sell it.

Marketing and sales is part of the creative process. You want people to appreciate your work, pay for it and spread the word. Art is a social experience.

If you’re creative in one thing, you’re probably creative in another and can just as easily combine the two to create something novel.

Don’t worry about the money in the beginning. If you’re good enough, your work will sell itself. But you may need to master the art of persuasion first.

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Author: wells baum aka bombtune

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