Who you honking at?

No one knows who’s honking at who in New York. Traffic is congested from all ends, mainly cars, bikes, and pedestrians.

Sometimes the Internet feels equally jammed. People are shouting across social networks in multiple tweets and status updates. Unless you tag someone, it’s never really clear who the message is really intended for.

There’s no maximum on honking nor publishing. You can make noise all day. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to block someone in the Newsfeed and Twitter allows you to only follow those you want to hear from.

In short, honking and social broadcasting can be obnoxious. They can get so bad you want to turn them off completely. As a result, you may move out of the City into the suburbs or woods or delete your social media accounts. The only way people can reach you is if they make the effort to drive out or email/call you.

We treat attention like another commodity in digital age. But attention is really scarce. You should opt-in selectively and opt-out when it becomes overwhelming.


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