I Did Not Sign On For the #Outrage

We want action on whatever it is, and we go to Twitter for it, feed fatigue and all, because there, unlike just about everywhere else, we still get what we’re after. Twitter, for all the ridiculousness there, is one of the few places where there’s accountability at all for any of this. While it may feel dangerous that no one is above being taken down by Twitter, it also means that in its way, it is the one truly democratic institution left. It may be terrifying that it is the one place you have to be more careful than most, but that is also why, for now, it still matters.

Twitter has changed a lot, from a service of useful links to a bunch of memes, link bait, selfishness, and scurrilous rumors, i.e. “Tweet first, verify later”.

Despite all Twitter’s unnecessary noise, it’s the only online public complaint machine we have left.

Tweet that.


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