Social Media as Fast Food

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Social media is fast food for consuming words, images, and videos. Online users just want to like, share, comment on the post and move on to the next discovery. With such high-speed interactions, no piece of content has true value.

Few people read beyond what’s scannable and never go on to the next page. As a result, the likes of sites like Buzzfeed are dropping link bait in order to rise to the top. Buzzfeed keeps readers coming back through a sticky posting style consisting of quickly digestible lists and images.

Long-form is dying because the publishers are training readers to reconfigure their attention to snackable bytes of information. No proper Millennial turns to the second page anymore.

The explosion of digestible and entertaining content signals the end of traditional journalism for some publishers. For others, it’s an opportunity to raise the level of reporting to make it irresistible to allow any piece to go unfinished.

If free and cheap makes you fat, so too does hoarding countless headlines of insignificant information. Slow media, on the other hand, will keep your brain lean because it requires more focus and deeper thinking.

In conclusion, try to tackle more complex reading and cut back on news snacking. Focus is a bicep curl for the brain.

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