The Walking Trend

Creative people tend to walk a lot. Walking refreshens the brain and stimulates ideas that may otherwise remain dormant while sitting in a chair.

“Wonderful things happen when your brain is empty.” – Maira Kalman

Studies show that walking is more powerful than meditation.

Walking is clearly beneficial to both body and mind. It’s so popular that Silicon Valley folks conduct interviews and meetings while walking. Walking is even considered a sport.

Walking is taking on new meaning. But are we walking for the sake of walking, the beautiful aimless activity that it is, or are we walking because it’s the new trendy thing to do?

Probably both. We all work 24/7 because of the mobile phone so any time we can live and play while being productive is a huge benefit.

Whether you’re looking to reset, to discover your surroundings, to gather ideas, or to talk business the only thing that matters is the act of walking. It’s like people complaining about social media. At least people are writing again! And now they’re walking too!


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