Sunday Social Roundup

  1. The World Cup started this week and generated in one day more tweets and Facebook banter than the Oscars. The World Cup is also one of the rare times advertisers can actually get through to Millennials.

  2. The New York Times is the beacon of journalism. The problem is that it still depends on print for most of its revenue. But digital changes everything. Think digital first, perhaps social media first like Buzzfeed, and print second.

  3. Self-discovery: In further evidence that Facebook and Twitter are becoming more like each other, here’s the Retweet icon now showing on Facebook posts.

  4. The iPhoneography awards were announced this week. I visited the site and noticed that you have to pay to submit your non-Photoshopped photos. That’s bullshit. How about partnering with Instagram, Flickr, and VSCO using a campaign hashtag for the collection process. I see pics in the VSCO gird every day that are comparable to the winners here.

  5. Social media ads can be obtrusive and immoral, suggesting things and ideas to people that go against their online behavior. Here’s an insightful article explaining why big data is bunk.

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