Sunday Social Roundup

  1. Facebook created its own version of Instapaper so you can save articles within Facebook and come back to them later to consume. I’m surprised this is just getting the release now but it was originally concepted in 2012. I’m more surprised though that Twitter has yet to develop its own native reading list.

  2. Remember when ringtones were a must-have? When I worked in the music business ringtones actually generated significant profit. But now ringtones are virtually dead. It seems that today everyone owns the same default ringtone, which also happens to be the one of my alarm clock :/

  3. After a slow start on Wall Street, FB is now a money making machine, especially one that predominates mobile ads. Facebook may not be the social networking hegemon some thought would wither away.

  4. Foursquare reinvented its app, removing check-ins to its new app Swarm and instead focusing on discovery of places. I never used the Foursquare app at all, only its API for geo-tagging pics on Instagram but that’s now gone too. Think this is the beginning of the end for Foursquare.

  5. There are two social media related stories in my weekly newsletter worth checking out. One is about the finger replacing the pen, the other is about how author Teju Cole uses Twitter as his writing playground.

Bonus: I think I know what Adorno would’ve thought about social media and the craving for “community and connection.”


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