Elevator Music

  • The quiet car

  • The quiet kid

  • The quiet mind

Quietness gets a bad rap because it’s antithesis to the way people (animals) survive. Being loud and aggressive moves one closer to the pellets.

But while introverts are perceived as weird, extroverts can be obnoxious. That’s why the perfect noise is ambient noise.

  • The hum of the coffee shop
  • Elevator music

  • Nature

Ambient noise removes the friction between silence and obstruction. It’s hardly noticeable yet conducive to the business of living.

  <img src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5306c0e3e4b00541d8fa4f75/5434a263e4b0ebb220d288af/545cb9bce4b0e099642cc1c6/1415363004932/image.jpg" alt=""/>

Image via Bansky


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