Break the Rules

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Break the Rules

The cycle of creativity restarts when someone intentionally breaks the rules. For instance, abstract art once fought the accurate representation of reality in images. Apple decided to fit all music into an iPod. Instagram decided to deduce the status update to one picture at a time. Deviation is wrongness going right.

+ Inc: Malcolm Gladwell denotes the one character trait that makes people disruptive: be disagreeable.

White Space

Less is more. Less design, less marketing, and less meetings leave more time and space for the imagination. Magic thrives in these empty spaces. Here’s why you shouldn’t give everything away.

News Diet

Too much of anything is bad for you, especially the news. It’s the body’s version of sugar. People who watch the news are more anxious, less focused, and less creative. That beind said, you could argue that social media is the most pernicious form of news.

News Diet For What!

Millennials read the news, just not the news published by traditional newspapers like The New York Times. Instead, millennials get their news from the mobile-social friendly sites likes Vice and Buzzfeed. But there’s no reason legacy companies can’t make a comeback, especially with hip shows like CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

“Personal Video Industrial Complex”

Every sports game and school play is a content opportunity for the mobile-obsessed. With a Go-Pro, one could live in the moment and still record it. Meanwhile, teenagers want to record everything as well except they want their shares to disappear.

+ Inc: if you own an iPhone, you’re never going to give it up according to investor Carl Icahn.

Journaling the Ordinary

Everyone remembers the extraordinary days. Those don’t need to be written down. But you’d be surprised that chronicling the ‘ordinary days’ is actually more interesting to look back at.

+ Stevie Nicks: “You want your journals written by hand in a book.”

FYI – if you’re into journaling and have a smartphone the best app is Day One.

Blogging Lessons

I’ve been blogging consistently for about 5 years. Dave Winer, the blogging pioneer, has been blogging for 20. Naturally, he’s got a few lessons for bloggers out there, most notably that you blog because “you enjoy being creative.” Indeed, the blog is simply a palette for working out ideas.

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