Turn Down for What

Below are my top recommended links for the week.

WWIC (Why Wasn’t I Consulted)

Content creators expect the web to duplicate the TV or print experience. But the web is its own unique medium just like TV and print are their own. Paul Ford advises to use the web as a customer service tool around “what you publish and sell.”

Life’s Not Unfair

The only competition is within yourself, they say, to achieve greater personal growth. But that mentality is probably why people are jumping ahead of you. It doesn’t matter how hard you work or if you produced a hit song. What matters is how many people your work impacted.

Turn Down for What

Your best ideas may come in the shower, when you’re cooking or brushing your teeth. Basically, the mind needs unconscious time to play with what it’s seen. This down time is called imaginability.

“It might have been”

Those are apparently the saddest words in the English language. If you’ve got a brain you can still learn new stuff. Leave no brain cell behind.

Steal Like an Artist

You get graded based on a regurgitation of information in school. But there’s a bit of room for new ideas. They just have to be your’s.

Keep the Patience

Or cultivate gratitude. This study shows a positive correlation between gratitude and long-term investment. Build for the future.


Clark is an electronic musician, best known for his song “Ted”. In this interview, he offers some of the most sage advice for any worker/creator:

“If you take the internet off your laptop, it’s the most powerful machine in the world. I use it for music, and you can’t fuck with it.”

Tunes of the Week

  1. Young Fathers – Soon Come Soon
  2. The Cyclist – Breathless
  3. Lost Midas – Love Undone
  4. Romare – Pusherman
  5. Bonobo – Return to Air

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Thought of the Week

“We spend our youth attaining wealth, and our wealth attaining youth” – Douglas Coupland

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