Obama’s First Album

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Covering everything from art, music, and technology. Here are the articles and jams inspiring me this week.

Rock the House

I usually ignore the articles that get talked about a million times over but .html”>this one is too good. Chris Rock talks the latest on comedy, race, and politics. Here’s an excerpt of the interview on Bush/Obama:

“People thinking you’re dumb is an advantage. Obama started as a genius…So it’s not that Obama’s disappointing. It’s just his best album might have been his first album.”

Analog Xmas Cards

Christmas cards take time to write. They show more care than a mere email, text, and Facebook message. It also turns out that the average number of people reached via Christmas Cards is 150, which is also the Dunbar Number.

Normalizing the iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus is “like holding a waffle iron to your face,” writes Steve Chaney. Yet people love it for than any other of the previous devices. The iPhone 6 Plus is by true definition the world’s first phablet. People can get used to anything.

When Art Meets Curation

What is like to organize all the world’s art? The New Yorker talks to curator Hans Ulrich Obrist about organizing all the world’s art. Here’s what he said when he discovered Instagram: “Maybe the iPhone is the new nanomuseum.” To which he adds: “Do you know any poets who use Snapchat?”

Bringing Back Sweet Memories

Instagram inspires you to see the world around you but it also distorts memories. Om Malik sits down with Cole Rise of Pi.Co to talk the impact of mobile photography.

“I think we confuse photos on our smartphone as memories…” – Om Malik

Album Covers

NPR sits down to interview Storm Thorgerson, the designer behind Pink Floyd album covers including Dark Side of the Moon. A lot of thought and meaning when into those album covers, but some of it was remixed: “Nothing’s new, everything is plagiarized but it’s how you plagiarize and how you use it.”

Make a Ruckus

“This might not work.” Seth Godin provokes people into making a ruckus, again and again, despite success. Watch it.

Tunes of the week | Episode 34

  1. Andy Stott – Faith in Strangers
  2. Leon Vynehall – Inside The Deku Tree
  3. DJ Bad Boy – Moh Cota
  4. Sia – Big Girls Cry (Odesza Remix)
  5. Atjazz – Does This Qualify?

♫ Peep the playlist

My Best of 2014 will be posted next week. I’ve got 300+ songs to go through.

Thought of the week

“There’s no room for hatred in music.” – John Peel

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