Oliver Sacks, The Anti-Instagram, Asshole Nations, Sir Jony Ive, and Typewriters


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Life Is Short

When we’re only guaranteed so much life left, we focus on what’s truly important and ignore the rest. For renowned neurologist/author Oliver Sacks who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, that means focusing on “on myself, my work and my friends.” In his last New York Times op-ed, Sacks spills out his gratitude for life and his “intercourse” with the world.

VSCO: The Anti-Instagram

When we care more about likes and comments and less about the art, the art suffers. VSCO is trying to recreate the museum of the digital age, using its editing tools, sharp filters, and VSCO Grid (here’s mine) to tie together “art and technology.” VSCO actually reminds me of early Instagram, when it was dominated by photographers and artists. Except, VSCO is deliberately sticking to the niche.

+ Seth Godin explains why you should only produce and market for the niche/micro market anyway.

Asshole Nation

Russia is a belligerent asshole. So too is insouciant North Korea. Britain is half-asshole only because it can’t be the asshole it once was. Japan is a little asshole because it still permits whale killing. Of course, excluded from this article is the United States, which may be the most complicated asshole nation of all-time: a kind, exceptional asshole.

+ Why America keeps losing wars. Hint: because it doesn’t really need to win them.

Click Click Boom

The life of a computer is 3-5 years. The life of a typewriter is a century. The typewriter once made writing faster and louder. Today, the typewriter’s nostalgic noise may be the only reason people want to use them again.

“If you want to concentrate, if you want to write in your own mind, write with a typewriter. You see the words hit the paper. There’s no distractions.””

+ Making copies. Here’s how Xerox’s copy machine led to a lot of paper wasting. 3-d printing is expected to do the same.

Sir Jony Ive

Unless you were living in a cave this week, you probably heard about the awesome 9,000-word piece in the New Yorker on Jony Ive. Apple’s future lies in his hands or wrists, for that matter.

+ Jony Ive’s motivational poster: “Believe in your fucking self.” I bought the expletive version for my office as well.

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  4. Ivy Lab – Two By Two
  5. Malaky & Velocity – MIdnight
  6. Beatslappaz – Them Girlz

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Thought of the Week

“Different is attractive.” Bansky

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