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Arts & Culture

A photographer on the Baltimore protests

Being a photographer kept Baltimore’s Devin Allen off the streets and in the studio. But when the Baltimore riots started, he knew he had to play his part as a citizen journalist. This Instagram landed him on the cover of Time Magazine.

“I knew if I could get the right shot, to show some positivity and show what’s really going on.”

How to act in public spaces in a digital age 

“Technology has scrambled the lines between public and private.”

We talk on our cellphones in public. We broadcast our lives on Instagram and Snapchat. We move to the cities to be closer together yet we prefer to chat online rather than face to face. People want to be in public without being inpublic. These are the contradictions of our times.

+ Why no one wants to live on the icy edge of Earth anymore

“The youngsters want to be fashionable. They’re looking for a more modern life, they don’t want to be fishers or hunters anymore. They prefer their headset to the silence of the ice field.”

Interview with Brunello Cucinelli, King of Cashmere

Om Malik interviews Italian fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli. What ensues is a fascinating conversation about creativity, philosophy, and technology; all the categories that define this newsletter;)

“There are three things you cannot buy. Fitness: You have to keep fit, whether you’re rich or not. Diet: You cannot pay someone to be on a diet for you. I think that diet is the biggest sacrifice in my life. Then, looking after your soul. No one can possibly treat your soul but you yourself. This is something you can do through culture and philosophy.”

The Acquisitive Gaze

Pinterest works more like Google than a social network. People use Pinterest to window shop and plan real-world events like weddings and vacations. For some Pinners, the pin itself satisfies the fantasy of the real thing. For others, Pinterest is a mood board for their life.

“Pinterest speaks to that “possessive gesture of mind” by which we seek to fix the meanings of things, and in the process fix the nature of our desires, of who we are trying to become.”


How Washington Derailed Amtrak

Amtrak ridership is higher than it’s ever been, the least because of its Amtrak Writer’s Residency program. Yet, Amtrak is still second-rate compared to the trains overseas. Amtrak runs like a corporation but is still owned by the federal government. Amtrak’s annual budget is $1.4 billion, China is spending $128 billion this year alone. Amtrak may help cure writer’s block but it’s not getting anyone, anywhere, faster.

“If you ever go to Japan, ride the trains and weep.”

New Music

Episode 51 | Tunes of the Week

  1. Mumdance x Novelist – 1 sec
  2. Haioka – Hyakki Yakou Part2
  3. IanEwing – Timmy
  4. ALIX PEREZ – Acid Jam
  5. Repeat Pattern – Shaker
  6. Kastle – Strange Days
  7. Sorrow – Emperor Dub
  8. KRNE – Never Stop
  9. Hykuu – NYC

> Listen

Thought of the Week

“Show up on time. It is the basis of everything.” Anthony Bourdain

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