Beats, a Soundtrack to Life


  • They’ll make you unthink
  • They’ll make you fearless
  • They’ll make you move

Beats take the brain somewhere else. They stir up emotion and propel action.

Balearic beats can you free your mind up to the oceans.

Hip hop beats can make you nod your head.

Alternative beats can make you tap your feet.

Music untethers the brain. It dissipates blocks, and lets the blood flow.

What you listen to also depends on what you want to get out of it. If you want to get work done, listen to music you can ignore. If you want to run, choose something uptempo. If you want to relax, go with something ambient.

The mind is a reflection of its external input. Beats help jog and calm the brain. They can even help cure it.

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Author: wells baum aka bombtune

A daily blogger who connects the dots between beats, culture, and technology.

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