Newsletter: Reading is forgetting, climate change threatens coffee plants, the need to produce bad ideas, and more


Arts & Culture

Reading Is Forgetting

You’ll never recall a book by reading it only one time. Rereading books 3-4 times are the only way to truly comprehend them, just as looking a painting takes more than one glimpse, just like listening to a song takes 4 spins. Reread a book more than once or forget about it.

“In short, our betters will tell us from their experience which books we should be reading—rereading, that is—since our first reading is hardly reading at all.”

Will the World Run Out of Coffee by 2080?

Climate change is killing coffee. Starbucks has a research center in Costa Rica implementing ways to prepare coffee plants for warmer weather. The situation for coffee is so dire that the coffee chain is willing to share its solutions with the world.

“Experts agree that if the world is going to continue drinking coffee 20 or 50 years from now, production methods will have to change. Whether we like it or not.”

Philosophy & Productivity

Why You Should Always Write Down Your Bad Ideas

That shitty idea is usually a kernel for a breakthrough idea. It’s not a matter of the idea being right but the practice of writing them down so that more ideas lead to the next. The more ideas you have, the more you have to play with.

“…those who have created the most are also the ones who have the most significant innovative impact. This was true in the past; Pablo Picasso, for instance, produced 20,000 pieces of art; Einstein wrote more than 240 papers; Bach wrote a cantata every week; Thomas Edison filed a record 1,039 patents. This holds true today. Prince is said to have over 1,000 songs stored in his secret ‘vault,’ and Richard Branson has started 250 companies.””

Social Media & Technology

Reading War and Peace on my iPhone

The fresh smell of paper, the sound of the pages turning…Reading on print is a more visceral experience. Studies also show print is more memorable than reading on a digital screen. But screen reading is the future. Attention really comes down to the quality of the content. Is it immersive?

“the intellectual differences between paper and bytes may lie in our attitude towards them. When we believe that reading on a phone is equally “serious” as reading on paper, we internalize that reading just as deeply.”

The Perfect Man

Humans are having a moment, and it’s not just the DJs at iTunes. Billy Mitchell spent years beating Pac-Man beyond its point of memory. The game’s Japanese creator even took a bow. Is video game domination sheer practice or inherent skill? Maybe both.

““Nobody taught Dan Marino how to throw a football,” says Mitchell. “He fine-tuned it and practiced it, of course. But he had it. People ask me what makes a great video-game player, and the truth is, you have it or you don’t. It’s in your DNA. If you don’t have that, you’d better stay in school.””

+ Video games were influential in introducing dance music so producers had to get their drum n bass and dubstep just right.

New Music

Episode 59 | Tunes of the Week

This week’s recipe: Electronica > Drum N Bass > House > Beats

  1. Mbongwana Star – Malukayi feat Konono No.1 (+ Check out the dope music video)
  2. Bicep – Just
  3. Hail Di King – Brrd (Machinedrum PLUR REFIX)
  5. Glenn Astro – Throwback (Album Cut)

Listen here

Thought of the Week

“You are free and that is why you are lost.” – Franz Kafka

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