While You Were Away….

You can outsource the news to other people. You can log in to Twitter at the end of the day and scan your feed, preferably a Twitter list, and run through the most important stories of the day. You can do the same with any RSS feed, for that matter.

Or you can consume slow media. Instead of getting the news from the people you follow, you can catch up with the latest via newspapers or newsletter. Heard of the Skimm?

The advantage to waiting is that all the stories have already been fact-checked for accuracy so you won’t waste time with any rumors.

The Internet never ends. You’ll be behind no matter how often you try to keep up. But you do get rewarded for staying on top of the feeds and being one of the contributors. This is how Twitter users gain new followers.

But at the end of the day, people want insight. They care less about what happened and more about why it’s important and what the implications are, particularly for them.

Let other people obsess with breaking news. Catch it only if you can. Instantness and small talk is no substitute for the deeper analysis that follows.

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