Newsletter #56: Goldie on the success of Drum N Bass, Seth Godin’s Inbound Keynote, Why Technology Can’t Change Happiness, and more

Arts & Culture

On Drip: Goldie and Rudimental on the success of Drum and Bass

Goldie is a drum n bass saint so when he talks people listen. His diatribe: DJs today are manufacturing creativity with their pre-recorded live sets.

“If you can’t believe in the music you’re playing, and do you really believe in what you’re playing? That’s something I have to question.”

Inbound 2015 Keynote: Seth Godin

Social media poisons the art. All social media is based on reassurance. That’s why most Instagram content looks the same. If you want to guarantee success, you’ll share photos of beaches, dogs, selfies, and food. But why not challenge sameness by trying something new? Go for some tension. Err on the side of being vulnerable if it means you get to make the stuff that makes you happy.

“The less reassurance we can give you the more important the work is.” – Seth Godin

Philosophy & Productivity

I’m addicted to nearly 50 podcasts

Podcasting is the perfect multitasking activity. You piping tidbits of important information into your head while you get along with your day. Don’t forget to take notes though.

Hearing a podcast, on headphones, is the most intense listening experience I’ve ever had—and I’m addicted to it. I am putting someone else’s voice, their thoughts, directly into my head. My inner monologue ceases; their thoughts replace my thoughts. I know that sounds like a sci-fi dystopia. In fact, I find it an incredible way to interact with the world.

Social Media & Tech

What Technology Can’t Change About Happiness

The Danes are a leader in happiness, which is primarily genetic. The rest of us depend heavily on relationships to make us happy. But contrary to earlier studies that reported that social media makes people less happy, it’s actually quite the opposite. Social media helps us maintain relationships and keep us closer. In fact, the more touch points the better.

People who don’t just talk on the phone but also see each other, and email each other and communicate through four or five different mediums, tend to have stronger relationships with one another than those who communicate through fewer mediums.

Medium’s Evan Williams To Publishers: Your Website Is Toast

At this point your blog is just a starting point, a canvas for your ideas before you adjust them and crosspost to other sites where the fish are. The large blogging platforms (re: social networks) are just a way to extend your voice.

“Creating content on Medium is easier than doing your own website. So is getting readers. There’s an order of magnitude more people who have an inclination to share thoughts and ideas with the world than people who want to be publishers.” – Ev Williams

New Music

  1. Similar Objects – Cosmic Practice
  2. Wiley – Lost Property
  3. Yppah – Bushmills
  4. Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – Life Story
  5. Mikael Seifu – The Lost Drum Beat
  6. Sporting Life – Triple-Double No Assists
  7. Claude – Busted (Glenn Astro’s Deeply Busted Mix)
  8. D∆WN (Dawn Richard) – Running From Sane
  9. META031 A. SCAR – Caged
  10. META031 E. SCAR – Return To Swerve

> Listen

Thought of the Week

There are two things in this world that take no skill: 1. Spending other people’s money and 2. Dismissing an idea. — Jason Fried, “Give it five minutes’



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