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Writing Prompts

Prompts are cues. They exist only to help you get started.

Prompts reduce the anxiety of staring at a blank page. Apparently, thinking about what to write about is just as aggravating as the process itself.

But we don’t need prompts when we can create our own based off our own experience. Prompts are ubiquitous. What you’re looking at right now is a prompt. If it’s not exciting enough look somewhere else, or use some of your other senses to observe your surroundings.

No two people will have ever have the exact same interpretation of what’s in the wild. Prompts are unique experiences.

“We don’t so much apprehend the world as we beam it from our eyes.” – Mary Karr

A prompt is a poke, as long as you use it instead of getting annoyed.

Write your way to the life you want. 

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