A Visit to Sci Arc

Yesterday I visited my older brother at Sci Arc, an architecture school in downtown Los Angeles.

Creatives talk a lot about their workplace and their process. This school is built inside an old warehouse with penetrating rays of light and desks sprawled across campus.

I sat in on one of my brother’s presentations that he gives every 2 weeks.
The professors sit in front, offering constructive feedback while the students listen in and ask questions. Everybody learns from each other.

Later that evening Frank Gehry made a surprise visit to the school to see his friend and fellow architect Zvi Hecker’s interview and art show.

Hecker talked about his work, saying that no artist knows what they’re doing but professionals show up and do the work.

“The worse type of people are creative people with no drop of talent.”

Good architects also challenge themselves to builds what’s next.

“Every good architect is looking for something he hasn’t done.”

I’m proud of my brother for grinding through architecture school. It’s no easy task. But at least he gets to do it at a place as cool as Sci Arc.

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