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Celebrities are befriending emerging stars to expand their reach. Wise strategy for a marketer but wrong execution for the longetivity/respectability of the work.

Artists hang out with other artists to share and discuss their work. Hang out long enough and the appreciation reciprocates. Both artists enjoy talking about each other's work to other artists. They share their work with their scenius before it gets shared with fans.

Today's artists are more focused on gaining social media followers than spreading good work. They care less about the craft and more about riding the wave of each other's popularity. Sharing a selfie or shopping spree with artist ‘friends' on Instagram or Snapchat is extra fodder for attention.

Be a maker first, not a hoarder of fans. Share your work with the right people who make you better at it. Exposure finds authenticity. The combination of work and scenius is an artist's biggest microphone.

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