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Below are the most interesting reads and tunes I discovered this week.

Digital Stress

Constant connectivity isn’t causing more stress. People said the same thing when the telephone emerged. What’s stressing us out is life because shit happens. Pro tip: If you can’t get rid of it, it matters.

Analog is Heavy

Echo similar sentiment here. I question the necessity of any new social network. I even doubt the existing ones. What’ll last are the books, articles, and blog posts, not the ephemeral thoughts and “pretty pictures.”


Rana el Kaliouby had one goal: “to create an algorithm that could read faces.” What she’s developing is an advertiser’s dream. Create emotions, sell product.

Swipe Right

I lost my place. That’s the feeling I get when I log into check Twitter or Instagram. I see old content and then scroll all the way up to realize there’s no more. The feed’s over. There’s got to be a better viewing experience.


“We’re not good enough to not practice.” – Kiese Laymon

There’s no way around it. The ritual of practice makes you better. Come to think of it, everything is practice, even if it means going back to your roots.

Digital Nomad

It’s cheaper to travel the world and work than it is to live and work in San Francisco. Such is the life for this digital nomad. New environment, fresh ideas.

Street Etiquette

From your hair to your clothes, your style tells a story without having to say a word. Check your head with the Street Etiquette duo at TED x New York.

Tunes of the Week

  1. Anthony Naples – Abrazo
  2. Petite Noir – Shadows
  3. Project Mooncircle – Paint Me Like the Sky
  4. Robot Koch – Let Me
  5. Jon Hopkins – Late Night Tales (preview)

Stick this in your ear.

Thought of the Week

“Attack life, it’s going to kill you anyway.” – Stephen Colbert

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