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Storm chasers

From tonight’s Snapchat geofilter…

It’s either the Twitter feed or the TV. We all drown ourselves into the same torrent of news. It’s not the medium, it’s the message: we love storms.

Storms are captivating events. It’s not so much the danger they pose but rather the anticipation they build. Forecasters tell us when storms are coming so we can spend more time Instagramming our preparation at grocery and gas lines than talking about the event itself.

Are we storm chasers or are we just bored digital denizens looking for a unifying topic to chat about because we want other people to know we exist? The weather is always a default topic to opine on. It’s always too hot or cold for somebody.

Perhaps weather fascinates us because in the in this algorithmic digital age, it’s something we can’t control. Ever got crushed by a wave? We’re the puppets. Planet Earth is omnipotent.

I don’t really have a point here other than it’s snowing and I’ve got nothing else to do but to add to the “conversation.” Is this blizzard over yet? Is the news just news again?

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By Wells Baum

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