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2015: The Year I Take Time to Make Time

Travel does more than broaden your perspective. It changes you. It’s makes you reevaluate what habits are important and what needs to be forgotten or limited. That being said, I’ve established some 2015 tenets for myself. Not surprisingly, most of them fall under social media which I had less access to during my trip to India.

  • Tweet less. Social media is becoming more like real life. Those that talk a lot tweet a lot. I’m generally an introvert and don’t like adding to the noise even it its just simple keystrokes. I plan to treat Twitter more like RSS this year and save the most interesting links to my Instapaper.
  • Instagram the good stuff only. I have posted over 3k images on Instagram, practically one daily for a few years. Time to slow down. I’d also like to do more video. since the iPhone 6 camera is so ace.
  • Use Facebook like Email. Status quo on Facebook. It’s banal like email. I check it once a check for new messages with a quick scroll through the newsfeed. Not much change here.
  • Blogging 3x/week: I blog every day like brushing my teeth. The posts are usually short but I publish daily because I’m obsessed with consistency. However, this year I’d like to blog at most 4x/week. This will allow me to go deeper into some of the posts and give myself a mental break.
  • Cut back on Tumblr. I had already done this prior to 2015. Instead of posting everything to Tumblr (my interests, pictures, blog posts, and aspirations) I plan to limit it to the best stuff with max 5x posts a week.

All of the above creates time for other stuff like reading more books and writing longer blog posts. I can also use the extra time to stretch my rotator cuff or do absolutely nothing and let my brain reconnect the dots on what matters. 2015 is the year I optimize productivity by doing more with less.

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By Wells Baum

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