How to embrace discomfort

On the Internet, you can carve your own little world. You can filter out the people on Facebook and Twitter that piss you off. You can live within your favorite sub-Reddit and read and post things that corroborate your community’s like-minded views.

Single-mindedness is dangerous. It’s exactly this type of biased magnetism that warps our worlds.

It’s not the Internet’s fault for being democratic. It’s your fault for closing the lid on dissent and seeking your own confirmation bias. Leave room for disagreement. Difference is the exact vitamin people need to challenge and potentially reshape their views.

This blog intends to avoid the rise of sidedness. I don’t like Coldplay but guess what, that new video is fascinating. I don’t like Trump, Kanye, or any of those loudmouths but I can understand why people gravitate to them. They polarize, tug at people’s emotions, and benefit from exaggerated media attention.

I used to hate selfies but that’s pretty much what Snapchat is. I got use to the front-facing camera and I don’t think it’s egotistical – FaceTime is the modern way people communicate.

The web encourages you to think different, to do what matters despite the popularity bias.

Engage your fears, diversify your interests if only to understand the other side’s perspective. Consider that your views could be wrong. Keep your walls open but your core beliefs intact.

“You are whatever you pretend to be.” – Kurt Vonnegut

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