As the World Shrinks

The world is speaking its mind yet closing it at the same time. People want to build a walled garden, not just in politics but technology.

Google, Facebook, Apple — the Internet makes the world smaller but more centralized which mirrors itself in chump politicians: Putin, Boris, Trump, and Erdogan. Le Pen is next.

In an age of democratic anxiety, people prefer nationalism and authority, leaders who speak loudly and carry a big stick.

“Anti-intellectualism, disregard for the scientific method and conspiracy theories also set the stage for a big lie.” – Seth Godin

Progress is social. People shape their identities off groups. But those groups are getting smaller and more selective. Even the KKK is coming back. Individuals, meanwhile, are outcasts.

Diversity crumbles when you're forced to choose a side. The world may be flat, but its people are going back to their cocoons.

Be careful what you wish for.

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