Beyond the Obvious


  • A touch of class
  • An additional wine note
  • A dab of salt

The tiniest ingredients accelerate the play or the taste. However, they can also be hard to recognize to the taste buds or the mind’s eye.

People miss the subtle flick of Mesut Ozil, can’t taste the hint of spicy cherry added to a Pinot Noir, or the enhanced flavor that a little salt adds to tomato soup.

It is impossible to interpret every ingredient unless you have learned to see beyond the obvious.

As a creator, you can increase the number of touches and parts but the viewer/taster is only going to interpret what’s inherently familiar.

Meanwhile, bomb-sniffing dogs can smell each piece of a burger, from the pickles, lettuce, American cheese, right down to the poppy seeds of the bun.

When it comes to human senses, less may be more — but noticing the subtleties makes the added complexity more unique.

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