Verizon buys Yahoo and by default, Tumblr

Verizon is buying Yahoo’s search and advertising operations for $5bn, which includes one of my favorite websites: Tumblr.

When Yahoo bought Tumblr, I knew it would be neglected like Yahoo’s other property: Flickr. Flickr could’ve been Instagram in the mobile era, except it did not seize the growth of mobile. Meanwhile, Tumblr has been too slow to evolve in the mobile, video-first era.

“Tumblr has just added live video, and it’s six months late. That’s years in the technology world” – Eleni Marouli, analyst at IHS Markit

Tumblr also missed out on a format it popularized, the GIF, which gave rise to sites like Giphy. However, the content on Tumblr still amazes me.


Tumblr’s creative community remains intact. By all means, Instagram still hosts its blog on Tumblr. Instagram is also the most followed Tumblr account. Tumblr still fills the void of other social networks: it is a place where you aggregate the best of elsewhere, just as you would decorate your bedroom walls.

Tumblr can go on. Reddit is still kicking. The weird sites survive. Being in the hands of Verizon can be no worse than operating under the tortoise that is Yahoo.

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