WellsBaum.com Digest: Cargo shorts are uncool, woodpeckers help brain trauma studies, Jack White spins vinyl in space, and more

1. Cargo shorts, practical but uncool?

“Men want to be like James Bond. Bond never wears cargo shorts.”

2. Studying woodpeckers is helping prevent brain trauma

“When you’re hit on the football field, parts of your brain may fizz like a just-opened can of soda.”

3. Finding your long lost twin

“It is entirely possible for two people with similar facial features to have DNA that is no more similar than that of two random people.”

4. Artist Ai Weiwei flips off statues around the world

“Fighting is a symptom of life.”

5. A New Yorker cartoonists explain how they come up with ideas

“A rejected cartoon isn’t a dead cartoon.”Click To Tweet

6. Do you love the work or the idea of it?

“People usually can’t differentiate what they really love and what they love the idea of.”

7. Teju Cole on American exceptionalism, Black Lives Matter, creativity, and more

“If I say ‘black lives matter’, it means what it means. You don’t go to someone’s funeral and start shouting, ‘I too have experienced loss!’ That shit is obnoxious.”

8. Instagram clones Snapchat Stories, for the better

“Stories will encourage people to share more freely without the anxiety of likes…The Internet wants real, not fake.”

9. Derek Sivers on disconnecting

“Silence is a great canvas for your thoughts.”Click To Tweet

10. The ephemerality of new music

“everything is graded the instant it comes out. Consumed, and then promptly forgotten.”

11. Jack White launches the first record to play in space

“For the entire hour and twenty minutes of ascension, the Icarus turntable faithfully played Carl Sagan’s “A Glorious Dawn” on repeat”

New Music
1. Buz Ludzha – Basslines For Life
2. TIP – We Will Not (Prod. Mars & Mike and Keys)
3. Sev Seveer – CSG X CSG (megiapa X Sev)
4. Indian Wells  – Racquets
5. Fakear – Silver ft. Rae Morris (Bakradze Remix)

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