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Designing the ideal food for hungry drivers

homer simpson eating while driving

Ever tried to eat and drive on the way to work or a road trip? All we can think about is how to avoid destroying our pants with a drip of some condiment or spill crumbs onto the floor, into the seat, or on the car dashboard.

Writer Jason Torchinsky comes up with an interesting solution that combines the durability of bagels, with the shape of something like a Hot Pocket so you can safely pack in other ingredients like pork, BBQ sauce, and baked beans.

“Whatever this food is, it needs to be scaled both for a human hand and a car interior’s storage areas. It should combine multiple types of food into a single housing, allowing for a one-vessel meal to be consumed—no swapping of food types or delivery methods.”

Of course, the food also has to be delicious. It also needs a name. So what do we call such innovation?

“These things will revolutionize car-eating, you’ll see. Now I just need a name for them. Fillinders? Canoods? Editubes? Toods, maybe, like ‘tube’ and ‘food?’ Or, similarly, Fubes? Foobs?”

Until Apple, Google, and Tesla develop autonomous cars, the food is secondary — we still have to keep our hands on the wheel, and our eyes focused on the road. That is why we need an interim solution. We need a food item that’s easy to eat and allows us to keep our hands and mouths somewhat clean. Until, taco shells are not on the menu.

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