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Avoid making backup plans

lizard brain fear

Making backup plans can backlash. Why? Because knowing we can fall back on something else makes it acceptable to half-ass the effort and fail without giving it our best shot.

“But the practical advice we would give is more nuanced than that. We’re not suggesting that you always avoid making backup plans. But maybe you could hold off on doing so until you’ve put as much effort as possible into your primary goal.”

Humans cope with anxiety by seeking certainty. Too often, we let the lizard brain get in the way of our dreams. So instead of writing the book, we just fall in love with the idea.

“People usually can’t differentiate what they really love and what they love the idea of.” – Brianna Weist

Pursuing safety is a short-term plan with long-term consequences. You may die with regret knowing that you never tried to scratch the itch.

“For some people, not making a backup plan might indeed be beneficial in helping them put their best effort forward”

There’s only one plan. If all fails, at least you will be farther along than when you started.

Write your way to the life you want. 

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