Within the box

  • Checkbox
  • Black box
  • Paper box
  • Lunchbox
  • Cable box
  • Mailbox

The world revolves around a structure of boxes. A box holds the keys to accessing the world. When it comes to computers and mobile phones, we type into little boxes all day just as cartoonists draw in them. Said artist Ivan Brunetti:

The nature of cartooning seems inherently playful, having its roots in a playful kind of drawing, but because you’re putting things into boxes and organizing pages into panels and shapes of rectangles and circles, it automatically has an architectural quality, too.

The box carries obligation. It asks to be filled with stuff (food, tv channels, paper, a recorder, etc.), and then it delivers. When you remove the box, things get messy. Its format constricts what you can put it. The box provides structure, and in a world of infinity and frenzied activity, it’s one less thing we have to think about how it works until you poke it. Boxes are life.

Life kid suck from the box Drink from the box The juice kid suck Life kid suck the box Yeah Bruce lee Tanglon

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