The X’s & O’s

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Everyone wants green check marks and smiley faces instead of red x’s. But that’s not what happens in uncertain times — you get both.

We got here because the left side didn’t talk to the right. Instead, the Democrats called Republicans deplorables. And while many of the latter are bigots, a lot of them aren’t. However, the problem is rational Republicans still voted for a declared misogynist, racist, Islamophobe. How can you put a dent in American pluralism for so-called ‘change?’

NBA coaches Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich all have some intelligent thoughts on this mess. So does analyst Ernie Johnson, who is spiritually optimistic.

Remove your party bias for a second and use your head and heart. As the Beastie Boys said, ‘Check Your Head.’

When faced with the unknown, you buckle down on what you know is right, hang in there, and play the long-game. The most important part is not giving in but to continuing to lead the discussion. He gets a chance. Until then, you’ve got red on you.

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