Explore the open space 

Photo by Stephy Pariande

Creative people sometimes get confused. They think that everything is already within them, and that the hardest part is sitting down and doing the work. But defeating the resistance is only part of the challenge.

The other main creative ingredient is seeking more life. Experience is what puts the bones in the goose. It provides the catalyst for ideas that (re)shape you’re thinking.

A debate with a friend challenges your hypothesis. An unfortunate accident shifts your priorities. Going abroad makes you realize how similar and different the world is. The most interesting things are subtle. Reading, like traveling, also jogs the brain.

A solitary lifestyle inhibits the abundance and therefore, the complexity of thought. Only after you’ve collected experiences can you reflect on what they all mean. Adventure, curiosity, and social connectedness feed us the ideas. Take time to get outside and explore the open space.

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Author: wells baum aka bombtune

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