Newsletter: Evil is a fungus

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  1. Evil is a fungus. It feeds off thoughtlessness and organized lying. It destroys the marketplace of ideas. Newness starts in forgiving, public places. Eerie listen: Hannah Arendt on Totalitarianism
  2. “Boredom might spark creativity because a restless mind hungers for stimulation.” – Clive Thompson
  3. Words, Not Voices: “Raise your words not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” — Rumi
  4. They drop heart levels. They alleviate anxiety. They deaden the fear by practicing it beforehand, strengthening confidence. Read The power of rituals: they calm nerves and boost performance
  5. We all share complex inner worlds. But how and what we think often conflicts with how we act. Such paradox calls for change. Read Shakespeare’s Characters Show Us How Personal Growth Should Happen
  6. George Orwell’s 1984 is an Amazon top-seller. That’s not doublethink; those are the facts.

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  1. Letherette is an electronic duo from Wolverhampton, England. They released the boogie down track ‘Wootera‘ back in November. The mellow dab track ‘Triosys’ appears on their new album Where Have All The People Gone?a 42-minute mix of previously unreleased music. Thanks again Ninja Tune. | LISTEN
  2. German electronic artist Orson Wells ‘Blend’ provides a flashback to early 1990s Prodigyesque techno, with a proper step toward vibrating house music. According to the Bandcamp page, the album artwork is a hodgepodge of stickers “found in car liveries.” | LISTEN
  3. The collaboration between Canadian electronic musicians David Louis & Stranjah is yet another big release from UK drum n bass label, Repertoire. | LISTEN 
  4. William Onyeabor was a Nigerian musician and businessman. He was known as “The Chief” in southeast Nigeria, where he built “the greatest record manufacturing business in all of West Africa.” He released nine funky electronic albums in total, all pressed at his own studio. | LISTEN
  5. London-based producer Slim teamed up with up and comer soulstress Ella Mae to drop some fresh new beats on the Banoffee Pies Records label. | LISTEN

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