Brave new world


Our eyes are wide open and closed at the same time. The news gets consumed, only to be forgotten as quickly as we lift our heads up. The real world doesn’t reflect the reality we see on our screens, just yet.

In a post-fact world, everyone needs to be their own skeptic and investigator. Everyone has an agenda, and they will build a curated feed to reconfirm their beliefs.

There’s no room for moderation. Somehow picking a side meant you believe everything that side presented. We lost the ability to think for ourselves; instead, our first and last opinion became someone else’s. Both sides prefer to live in their narcissistic echo chambers.

When the right hand refuses to listen to the left, and vice versa, the whole operation suffers. The system only survives with open dialogue and the plurality of opinions. Step outside the party, the screens, and yourself, and think about the consequences of such myopia.

Read It’s not Orwell, he warned, it’s Brave New World

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