What’s your brand’s ‘leitmotiv?’


Burberry’s Britishness. Red Bull’s energy and fearlessness. Prada’s edginess and bold product design.

The leitmotiv, as the German composer Richard Wagner called it, is the signature concept of your brand that makes it impossible to ignore. For Wagner, his music was the key ingredient to his theatrical performances.

Similarily, brand leitmotiv makes the businesses listed above so memorable. They all produce a variety of content evoking their imaginations. They create emotional experiences across all touch points whether you’re in the store or streaming one of their live events online.

Whether a brand, band, or individual, it’s important to project an ethos that represents your inherit values. You shouldn’t have to reveal your message, the crowd should already feel it.

What do you stand for? What do want to be known for? And what things do you make and market to lace it altogether?

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