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The tug of war between art and commerce is a necessary frustration in order to get things right. Both sides want to tell an engaging story. Ideally, the savvy artist woos the marketers with extraordinary vision and confidence and the company is there to provide support and make small revisions on the outcome. But it rarely works out this way.

Creators come with ideas. The corporation comes with money. The art/business symbiosis is an indispensable partnership in modern day marketing, especially in the digital world where the tools are more accessible. Remember:  anyone can create and distribute quality art on their phone.

The purpose of the brand in working with an artist, therefore, is to provide the extra funds that make the storytelling impeccable. Money makes better, best.

Art drives commerce. Commerce drives art.

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  1. Very interesting thoughts. I had been thinking of the internet as the great equalizer, democratizing creativity, but this points out that there’s more to that picture.

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