Doubting our own self-doubt

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The only way to allay doubt is to do. We must face our biggest fears. Perhaps the only thing holding back J.K. Rowling from success was her fear of public speaking — she did it anyway.

It’s most often the thing we’re scared of is exactly the thing we should be doing. It takes courage to persist with tension that wants us to simply give up.

Accept doubt for what it is — it’s there to make you practice and force your confidence. It takes some getting used to.

The trick is not to get rid of uncertainty but rather to play with it, to feel its presence, to caper around as we relax into it. The approach is a bit delusional but no more faulty than suffering more in the imagination than in reality.

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30 thoughts on “Doubting our own self-doubt”

  1. I’ve been dancing with a lot of fear these past few years. The biggest was actually telling friends and family about the blog that I’ve had for years! So great to finally have it out in the open.

  2. You know, JK Rowling always seems to have it so together, especially after all the success of Harry Potter. It’s nice to hear that she was afraid of public speaking, puts her on a more human and attainable level and makes me feel that I can do it if she can do it.

  3. Do you think there is a balance between facing your fears and knowing your limitations? Do you think that sometimes, facing our fears can put us in situations where we do not have the resources to cope? Just thinking …

  4. Yes. Uncertainty keeps us on our toes. It makes us aware, prepared and thinking. Yes, it sometimes hinders us to our potential, but it also grounds us and humanize us in a way we work hard for things. We win battles internally. Each victory makes winning sweeter. Because we won against ourselves.

  5. I think you are right. I am very afraid of performing in public. I can’t say I’ve fixed it, but I perform a lot in public now and every time I become more comfortable with my… discomfort:)

  6. Thanks Kathie, I have the same thoughts. I just finished a book myself and am hearing crickets. Let’s play the long game. Love to get your feedback if you have the time:

    Likewise, love to help out on what you’ve written so far. LMK!

  7. It does take a certain courage to persist in our self doubt. I am writing a book and not having a lot of luck with marketing and the self doubt hits…I just keep plugging along believing this is what I should be doing. Thanks for the motivation:-)

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