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How to stretch time on weekends

If you want to stretch time, experience something new on the weekends.

Break up the time with simple excursions. For instance, go play your Nintendo Switch in the park rather than from the couch. Read and write somewhere else other than your study desk or favorite cafe.

If you’re a photographer, take on one of Instagram’s weekly photo challenges.

From Lifehacker:

“According to David Eagleman, professor at Stanford University and the author of The Brain: The Story of You, pursuing new settings, new activities, and new experiences is the best way to “stretch time,” so to speak. It all comes down to what your brain perceives as novel. When you spend time doing something unfamiliar, your brain focuses more on collecting the data associated with the activity, thus creating a more thorough memory of the experience. When you reflect on that memory, it feels like you had more time.”

In short, tweak your routine by changing your environment. Get off your ass and go somewhere else.


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If you want to slow down time, surround yourself with novelty. The mind is desperate for new experiences.

Do small things, differently.


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